Summer Deals at Chuck E Cheese

Thursday, August 26, 2010

One thing about island life here in Okinawa is getting used to not having things that I as an American have gotten so used to accepting as everyday life...the convenience of running to Walmart ( yes, while I tried to avoid it I did shop at Walmart for convenience items. I know, I know), or having a Home Depot and a Lowe's to choose from when the building or gardening bug bites me. Today I was reminded by our evil television that shows American commercials of an old favorite of mine, Chuck E. Cheese. Many parents rue the idea of Chuck E. Cheese but I welcome trips there. My kids always had fun and it always let the kid still hiding in this shell of an adult have fun trying to beat my old high score or win more tickets for them. So, even though I can't take advantage of this deal myself.. or at least until I find a well hidden Chuck E. Cheese somewhere here on the island.. I thought I would pass the news on to anyone who can, since it is a great deal especially for those of us who have multiple hungry mouths ( including husbands!) to feed. As part of a summer sale Chuck E. Cheese has multiple coupons available. One is one of their usual x amount of coupons for y amount of dollars, but the other is for a large cheese pizza for only $9.99. The offer expires on Sept. 24th so plenty of time to print out and enjoy the savings before school starts or on a weekend to celebrate and help ring in the new school year!

More information and the coupons can be found at the Chuck E. Cheese website. Be sure to look around too if you haven't already visited the site, there are lots of other deals and offers available!.

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