Adventures in Babysitting

Monday, August 23, 2010

So I got to babysit the new kid on the block today while his parents were doing all the fun in-processing that comes to moving to Kadena. Generally I avoid babysitting. Not that I don't like kids, in fact I love kids they crack me up more than any adult could, I think we come programmed with a sense of humor that we lose bit by bit as we mature. I just feel almost scared to watch *someone else's kid*... the added responsibility of not knowing them as well as my own. It's strange I know but I just worry more when it's not my own kids. I suppose I've learned well that my kids don't break if they fall down or get a boo boo but other kids might? Who knows lol.

Through today's adventure however, I have learned the unfortunate fact that my son is indeed a wiener kid lol. Several times he was owned through what most would call *typical boy play* army guys, hulk smash gloves, and general rambunctiousness. My husband has always told me that I baby him too much and that he is becoming a mama's boy but it had never quite sank in until today. I always liked the fact that he was my quiet little thinker that was happier playing quietly with his cars. I'm not sure how to take this. Should I encourage him to be " more of a little boy"?  Of course, personalities are different. From a young age he has always been more of a thinker, a problem solver, and more inquisitive than his sister. Perhaps he is just meant to be a "nerd".. it would certainly follow suit with his parents lol.

I suppose with him starting preschool this year he will come into his own more, perhaps be a little less shy and quiet and really find his niche in the crazy world of childhood. Maybe not all boys need to be the typical "little boy". I certainly see nothing wrong with my little guy who would rather stay inside flipping through a comic book than go out and get muddy with the neighborhood kids. He's a great kid the way he is even if he is a little more meek than other boys his age.. I guess like most things it will all sort itself out in the end.

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