Another Day, Another Typhoon

Friday, September 3, 2010

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to drop a note and let everyone know that I am still around and still coming up with great blog posts, however it would seem that mother nature has other plans for my little neck of the woods throwing the second typhoon in a week at us, and so as one would imagine.. things have been busy here! lol. In the midst of it all I tried to do a few things for pioneer week, and let me tell you.. total bust! The experience, in general, has brought me to the realization that I would not make a very good pioneer girl. Of course, I'm sure, if I HAD to I could do it.... but it's certainly not my strong point to cook as they did back in olden days. Perhaps I've become too spoiled with Rachel Ray and her promises of healthy, delish meals in 30 minutes or less. I guess for those who actually lived through pioneer days when they happened it would have just been as common place as having everything done fast, now, ready when you are is today... and so without even knowing the "modern conveniences" that I seem to cling to for dear life lately I think the whole eating like a pioneer experience would have been a much more pleasurable one. Regardless, failing miserably at the whole pioneer thing ( my husband's words say it all... "kids, time for your daily gruel" lol) I decided to take a turn down a more familiar and comfortable path and changed over to cowboy food. Hey, they were pioneers of sorts! I had a few recipes work out pretty well including the Johnny Cakes ( who can screw those up, right?) and an absolutely wonderful cowboy chili recipe that had been handed down through my husband's family to us and quickly became a fan favorite around these here parts. ( yes, I did talk cowboy talk for pioneer week lol I'm a strange one like that!) I will be posting those recipes asap.. hopefully soon, weather permitting lol.  So, that said thanks so much to the new followers! It's so nice to have you here :) Please be sure to check out my photoblog if you get a chance, I have been pretty excited about it as I finally got my DSLR camera I ordered months ago ( lonnng story haha) It is located here, and can also be found in my links along the side under Lorilei Photography.

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What a cute blog! I'm a new follower from blog frog. Nice to meet you. Come on over and check out my blog too!

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